Social media marketing & Content Creation
by Ziggy G

Hi! I'm Georgia, the Owner and Creative Director of Ziggy G Studios.

I love using my marketing knowledge to help small businesses (like yourself) to use their social media platform to its fullest potential. I LOVE creating marketing plans and creating content, which is why I started Ziggy G Studios.

I am huge fan of David Bowie, hence the Ziggy of Ziggy G, and all my friends call me G! 

So if you need a hand with producing content, sharpening up your marketing and social media strategy or increasing your engagement amongst your followers, let Ziggy G do their thing!

My tailored services and packages are for all kinds of businesses, no matter where you are at in your marketing journey. My wealth of social media, marketing, and graphic design knowledge will help you grow your brand and sharpen your brand identity

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Producing on-brand imagery & content to enhance your brand identity.


Creating Pin-worthy content to drive traffic to your social media and website


Promoting your brand to your target market to heighten brand awareness and drive sales.


Guiding you and teaching you how to effectively manage your social media platforms.

" You've helped me so much I really appreciate it. My anxiety is so much less since you started helping me out!!"

— Laura (@sitostyling)

"...I valued her time spent answering my millions of questions in all hours of the day, so for that I am thankful!... She was so amazing & knowledgable and just got me!..."

— Arlene (@wishyouwerehere.melb)

"..Thank you Georgia, your creativity, flexibility and attention to detail is simply amazing. Scuba Culture very much looks forward to making use of your talents again in the near future."

— Xavier (Scuba Culture Burwood)

"...Thank you so much! You have gone above and beyond. The photos look beautiful - absolutely love them."

— Madi (@35mm_co)

"GEORGIA I LOVE THE REELS!!!!!! They are absolutely amazing... Thanks so much, I am really happy with everything :)"

— Sasha (@thehonestedit_)



I pride myself in being your not-so-typical cookie cutter Social Media Marketing agency. I love attracting bold, fun and daring clients that love to see the world for the colourful place that it is.

I love creating on-brand, in-situ content that looks native amongst the content in your social media feed. The key to creating sellable content is to produce the content with a target in mind. I always ask myself if this content will inspire, educate, inform, or to softly promote your brand in a way that creates FOMO to your audience. Ultimately, a sale is the goal. But if we can produce content in a way that your customer doesn't realise their being sold something, we've done our job correctly!

Customers need touchpoint for your brand in order for you to be top-of-mind to them if a problem arises. Learning about the psychology of Marketing at university I found fascinating! And it's incredibly important to note the significance of what makes your customer tick.

Which is what I'm here to help you with!