Hey! So glad to e-meet you! 

I am the Founder/Owner/CEO (whatever title you'd like to give me) of Ziggy G Studios.

So, what is Ziggy G Studios? 

A place where I spill all my creative passion. A place where I can have a creative outlet to create on-brand content for myself and clients (hopefully you).

My passions range from the more technical side like Marketing, Business Strategy and Analysing Marketing Data, to exploring my creativity through styling, content creation, illustrating and copywriting.

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Not trying to sound like a LinkedIn profile, but here's my experience! I graduated from a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Event Management & Marketing in 2020, throughout my degree I was able to gain experience in photoshoot styling and events at an internship with Oh It's Perfect. 

I then moved on to a more stable position of Social Media Manager at Brave. Where I would look after multiple client's Social Media platforms, managing DM's, scheduling content, creating imagery and copy.

I gained a position as a Marketing & Operations Intern at Mosey Me at the end of 2020, to help streamline their marketing efforts whilst the Founder Eliza went on Maternity Leave. Finishing up at the end of March 2021.

And FINALLY - I am half way through a Diploma of Graphic Design at RMIT!

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assistant creative director : Ludo

Hey! I'm Ludo! The orange little monster next to my mum. Well, I'm actually a Hungarian Vizsla. My mum named me Ludo because she's obsessed with the movie the Labyrinth.

Anyways, my favourite pastime is getting pats from the hand that mum isn't using to do work, giving my opinion & feedback when mum's been doing too much work, oh and ripping any toy I get my paws on to shreds!

Before you say anything - yes. I'm being paid. Mum makes sure I recieve adequate treats in return for my work!

In my free time you can catch me at the dog park or being grumpy towards my little bro Zuko!