Establishing Business & Advertising Objectives

Business objectives! Do you have them? They’re an important addition to any business to ensure you’re on the road to growth and to achieving your goals. Whether your aim is to expand your product line, to employ new additions to your team or to gain x amount of followers. You need objectives to be able to move your business!

What kind of business objectives are there?

If you’re just starting out, there can be so many goals that you want to achieve. But you need to remember to make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound). Creating only 2-3 objectives at a time so you’re not swamped with the stress of fulfilling so many goals.

Ask yourself, What do I want my business to achieve in the next month?

Your goals can fall under:

Raising Brand Awareness

Growing my Digital Audience (social followers or email data base)

Selling x amount of units

Gaining x amount of clients

Give yourself a date you want this completed by, or at least a date to re-evaluate the goal. It is of great importance that you come back to the goal to see if it has been achieved.

Advertising Objectives

Once you have your business objectives, it is also important to establish your advertising objectives.

Advertising objectives help you achieve any marketing business objectives. For example - your marketing objective is to raise brand awareness. Therefore, your advertising objectives are the actions you will take to fulfil this.

We are going to be talking about using Facebook advertising to fulfil advertising objectives.

What kind of Advertising Objectives are there?

When you make a Facebook advertisement there are numerous metrics Facebook gives you. These include:





Performance and Clicks

When you’re monitoring your advertisement, it is also great to cross check results with Google Analytics to ensure you’re pulling the right numbers.

Depending on how your Facebook advertisement is set up will determine which metric you need to focus on. For example, for raising Brand Awareness we look at reach, impressions and especially engagement. Or, if your objective is subscribers you would look at performance and clicks.

Pro tip: For an advertisement that directs the viewer to a link (ie. a product or to subscribe to emails) cross check this with any checkout complete pages or thank you for subscribing pages on Google Analytics. Facebook may tell you have 20 clicks, but it could have been 5 that actually subscribed or purchased.