Facebook Basics for Business Owners

From the platforms Facebook provides, understanding how engagement work, to how to make an effective Facebook ad. Facebook can be extremely confusing to anyone just starting out!

I'm going to go over some pointers I've made on my socials in a bit more detail so you can gain a better understanding of how Facebook works as a whole.

The 3 Different Kinds of Engagement

Your followers are at three different stages of engagement throughout their day. So it’s important to post relevant content to them that they can consume instantaneously. This not only relates to the content you post organically, but if you want to get really technical - it also applies to what kind of creative you post for your Facebook ad(s).

On the Go

This is when your audience are at their busiest, meaning they have the shortest span of attention during these periods. They may be dropping the kids off at school, on their commute to work, or in class. Posts need to be simple in messaging and imagery. ie. Posting a GIF, or meme

Lean Forward

This is the in-between time period that your audience has. They have a little bit of a break between their daily routine (ie. 30 minute break, waiting to pick their kids up, or between classes). They have a little bit more time on their hands compared to when they're on the go, but they don't have enough time to watch and commit to a 10 minute long video! During these times they are more likely to interact with carousels, IGTV, reels and lead forms.

Lean Back

This is the time when your followers have the most time on their hands, they're on Instagram and Facebook for a longer period of time, and therefore will be more immersive with your account. During this time they are more inclined to read more in-depth posts and to watch longer videos.

Takeaways - Tips on Insights

Be conscious when you're posting content and what your target marketing is doing during that time. If you can, post designated content for your audience to consume in the given time periods to test the waters. If you're in the position where you can post multiple times a day, pick 2 of these engagement periods per day to test out (ie. on the go & lean back).

Insights: To access your Insights on Instagram for accounts above 100 followers - click Insights > Your Audience > scroll to the bottom > Most active times (Use the most active and least active times to determine when your followers are out and about - least active. As well as when they're in their lean back period - most active).

Facebook Platforms

Facebook loves to make everything so much more confusing for us! There's multiple platforms Facebook has to allow you to schedule posts, see insights and to publish ads.

Facebook Ad's Manager

- Manages your Facebook Pixel & events

- Manages & creates detailed ads (not boosting)

- Analyses data from Campaigns & Ad's

Facebook Business Manager

- Manages both Facebook & Instagram accounts

- Allows posting and scheduling for both Facebook & Instagram accounts

- Analyses Post Performance (like Insights on Instagram)

Facebook Advertising

- On the actual Facebook app/website (you aren't re-directed to Ad's Manager or Business Manager)

- For boosting posts

- Quick ads, not as in-depth as Facebook Advertising

Facebook Business Suite

- App version of Business Manager & Ad's Manager

- Manages Ad's, Insights, Events, Messages, Posts (view, create & schedule for both Facebook and Instagram)

Understanding the different kinds of Facebook Ads

Depending on which stage your customer lifecycle is at really depends on what kind of Facebook ad you should be creating. Now, that doesn't mean you should be jumping into conversions! Lure your customers in to ensure they become loyal!

Brand Awareness ads

Are for attracting new customers through informing them about your brand. Don't sell to them at this stage! Attract them by providing useful information such as brand values, a blog post or a case study. Showcase your point of difference so new customers value what you have to offer. Brand Awareness ads are for targeting a new market, or expanding on the target market you have already established. So treat the ad as someone who has never heard of your brand before is seeing you for the first time. Let them perceive you how you want to be seen!

Brand Consideration ads

Are the second step to retaining the interest of new customers. Lead generations are usually the way to go with this stage as you can provide them with incentives such as '15% off when you sign up' - this is the best way to grab their information! Facebook has a lead generation tool that creates a form for you that stays on Facebook & not lead to an external link. This is perfect for small businesses who don't have a website.

Conversion ads

The final stage in Facebook advertising. This is where you start earning from all the hard work you've put into getting those new customers!

Conversion ads = sales

This is where you can finally pitch your product for your new customer to purchase.

E-commerce conversions come in the form of: Completing a purchase, adding a product to cart, or completing a sales funnel.

Content Creator Conversions (ie. bloggers, content writers, publishers) are: clicks on ad, email subscribers, or e-book download

Service conversions consist of phone calls made, online booking completed, or an online course purchased.

For additional help for understanding Facebook or to set up your own Facebook ad please contact me on info@ziggygstudios.com