Is Facebook dead?

A very common question that I’m asked! A lot of people believe that with the dramatic increase of Instagram users that Facebook users are on the decline.

Currently, there are over 854.5 million users on Instagram, in contrast to Facebook which has 1.69 billion users. We can see Facebook is still a market leader in the social media sphere, but let’s take a look at these numbers a little closer.

Comparing these users to 2016, Instagram has almost doubled, growing by 49.9%. Whilst Facebook has only grown by 20.71%. There are many reasons why Facebook’s growth has slowed the past 4 years compared to Instagram, including that there are so many more platforms to receive information, interact with others and to view content on.

Facebook is ranked the highest social media network that has the most active users per month, coming in at 2.7 million users. Whilst Instagram has 1.1 million users (statista 2020).

There’s not a whole lot of difference between users on each platform. You’re still going to reach your target market regardless on the platform you advertise on. However, your demographic may hold the key to which platform will target your audience better.

My target market is Generation X and Baby Boomer, which platform should I use to target them better?

Facebook is one of the best ways to market towards an older demographic as they are more active users on this platform. They’ll still use Instagram, maybe not to post. But they’re still going to be online to see what Barbara from work got up to on the weekend, or to see their grand babies.

Using it solely to market to them, you wouldn’t receive a phenomenal turnover, as they are less likely to purchase from a social platform. But combining your social strategy with Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Marketing will help you receive the results you’re after.

If you are using social marketing towards Generation X and Baby Boomers it is better if any link used sends them to an external link (ie. your website), rather than a form generated by Facebook or a Facebook/ Instagram Shopping (internal link) that stays on the platform. They are less trustworthy of shopping on social platforms versus a website. This goes for posts in general as well as Facebook advertising.

My target market is Generation Z and Millennials. They don’t use Facebook as much, do I still market through this platform?

In hindsight, yes you should.

Generation Z and Millennials don’t “use” Facebook the most. However, when I say “use”, I mean post! They take more of an ‘onlooker’ approach, always watching but not posting as often.

They’re still tagging their friends in posts, they’re liking, occasionally sharing and they’re still consuming the material that they view. Much like Generation X and Baby Boomers with Instagram, they’re consuming but not creating through this platform.

So, how do we combat the ‘onlooker’?

Generating organic, user-friendly content that is sharable, and most importantly something that they’re going to want to tag their friends in. We ultimately want our audience to engage with our content. Engagement helps keep a post circulating throughout social media for longer. Engagement can be likes, comments and shares.

As for paid social marketing on Facebook and Instagram, this is still worth doing for Generation Z and Millennials. In fact, it will be a lot easier to gain results from targeting to this audience (obviously, only target this audience if it is your target market).

Generation Z and Millennials are more likely to make impulsive purchases, and they are more trustworthy to making in-app purchases. Your audience needs to see your advertisement at least 3 times before they make a purchase. This has much to do with raising brand awareness and heightening brand recall to your customer. So when they’re searching for a product or service, your brand will be at the forefront of their minds when making their final purchasing decision.

I hope this advice helps! It can be hard to get your head around the ins and outs of which platform is best for your target market.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions, or guidance.

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