Our Most Recent Projects

We've been working hard at Ziggy G Studios the past few months!

As a result of this, we're proud to showcase some new work we've produced!

The Honest Edit

The Honest Edit is a platform dedicated to educate, motivate and inspire people to make more honest and conscious decisions that are beneficial for the environment and themselves, whilst having fun doing it.

Co-Founder Sasha contacted me to help create some inspiring graphics and reels to help motivate her audience to make a change for the better.

I undertook extensive research to provide topics relevant to her target audience, whilst incorporating colours and a specific graphic style to stay relevant to her brand.

Lou & Mae Paper

Melbourne run stationary company Lou & Mae Paper contacted me to help produce some vibrant, feminine content for her social media and website. The brief was to include hues of pink, purple, yellow and orange and to use my creative judgement to create the rest. This resulted in some beautiful flay lay imagery and in-situ styled content.

35mm Co.

Maddi from 35mm Co. contacted me in regards to their up-coming launch of their Reloader film camera. She was looking for some product photography inspired by the talented Mode Branding.

I created custom tiled pieces for this particular shoot, using relatively neutral tones with pops of blue, pink & yellow to highlight the colours of the 35mm Co products.

SITO Styling

Laura from SITO Styling is a blessing and a half! We work regularly together on content and strategy for SITO. She gave me full creative freedom when creating some product photography of her products, resulting in some beautifully minimal images.

Now that we have the content side of things out of the way, this month we are working on strengthening her Brand Awareness through Influencer Marketing, Facebook Ads and Affiliate Marketing.

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