The Impact of Social Media on your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy should cover all basis. This includes (but is not limited to); creating a

value proposition to your clients/customers, have key brand messaging to raise brand awareness, know specifics about your target marketing including their purchasing behaviour and at which point

of the consumer buying cycle they are at, etc.

In order to execute your Marketing Strategy, there are several avenues you need to go down. These include;

  • Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) Marketing - Pushing your products and services through campaigns

  • Digital Advertising on Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram

  • Print & Digital Media - Gaining Brand Awareness through being published in both digital and print media.

  • Creating organic Brand Awareness (by organic we mean not through paid avenues) on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tiktok.

Let's bring it back to the Social Media aspect.

Social media is the tool to help you promote and execute your marketing strategy. It helps you raise brand awareness by conducting advertising or by contacting influencers to promote your product or service.

By having your brand present on a social media platform you are able to collectively gain organic Brand Awareness. It also helps you grasp your customers and clients at all stages of the consumer buying process.

The Consumer Buying Process

There are 5 stages of the Consumer Buying Process. It works as a funnel, where the top of the funnel is your largest pool of consumers that narrows down to your ideal client or customer.

Awareness can be spread through contacting influencers, promoting your brand through Facebook ads, regularly posting to your social profiles and by using brand specific hashtags.

When your customer/client is in their Consideration phase, they are determining what is best fit for their needs. By providing testimonials from your current clients or people who have purchased from you, it can help build trust and ultimately help them make their final decision.

A Conversion occurs when a customer or client purchases from you. We can increase conversions through re-targeting advertising, providing relevant Call to Actions (CTAs) to align with what you'd like your customer to do. (ie. sign up to our emails, click the link to get your exclusive discount, etc)

This can be done in the copy you write for your social posts.

To keep your customers or clients Loyal to your brand, be sure to engage with them consistently. This ensures your brand remains top-of-mind to solve your customer's problems. A way to do this on socials is to offer a discount or coupon for their next purchase. Additionally, be sure to provide customer service on your social platforms. Quite often customers and clients prefer contacting brands on their social platform as they know they'll get a quicker response. So keep this in mind & be sure to respond in a short time-frame to these people to keep them loyal to your brand.

When a customer or client Advocates for your brand they're helping you begin this cycle again. They're providing you with reviews to help you build your brand awareness to new client or customers to once again, take your brand into consideration for purchase.

It's important to connect with your clients/customers through all digital touchpoint your business has. Which ultimately shows the impact social media has on your marketing strategy!