Below is all the current clients and past projects I have worked on through Ziggy G Studios.

ROCC Naturals

ROCC Naturals is a Melbourne based toothpaste company with the determination to make a sustainable toothpaste that sits proudly on your bathroom sink. I've managed ROCC Natural's instagram throughout September 2021, creating reels, graphics, capturing their products in an organic setting through product photography & curating inspirational content to engage ROCC's target market.



Frenchie is a Sexual Wellness biz located in Sydney, Australia. With the determination to be a 'Revolution For Lovers', Frenchie's bold branding cuts above the rest!

I've been managing Frenchie's socials (mainly Tiktok, and Instagram) since February 2022, creating on brand content through graphics, trending tiktoks, and aesthetically pleasing imagery & videos. 


35mm co

35mm Co was a once-off, project based client. I worked with them to produce content for their launch of their 35mm film camera & film - The Reloader.

It was a lot of fun curating content for them, I made custom tiled backdrops & cubes to complement the colours of The Reloader.

I always like to ensure that I'm not creating the same content over & over, which is why I love making custom props for my client's shoots! 

Please be mindful, that the turnaround time for these types of shoots are not quick. So if you do have a specific date in mind for content creation - please mention this in your enquiry!


The Honest Edit

The Honest Edit is a blog run by Melbourne sisters Sasha & Jana. Their overall goal with The Honest Edit is to educate, motivate & inspire people to make more honest and conscious decisions that are beneficial for the environment and themselves - whilst having fun doing it.

The brief for this project was to research & create a series of graphics and reels to showcase small changes their audience can make to better the environment. Our overall goal was to make posts that made The Honest Edit's audience think, and to have a shock factor to their posts that will not only educate them, but motivate them to make a positive change. 

The Honest Edit is currently re-branding and due to re-launch with these posts late September - early October.

Artboard 6.jpg

Lou & Mae Paper

Lou & Mae Paper is a Melbourne based Notepad company. Jessica was interested in our Content Creation package to help her highlight the beauty & design of her products.

The brief was to create imagery with the colour palette of pink, yellow, orange and purple, and to align the shoot with their current brand aesthetic.

When working with content creation projects, I like to create a series of mood boards to help express my ideas for the shoot. Upon starting a project with me, you will receive a welcome pack that will outline the deliverables & the overall theme of the project.


sito styling

Laura from Sito Styling came to me as she needed all-round help with her social media. She requested help with her content management, EDM Marketing, content creation & Facebook advertising.

I love Laura's ambition and drive to help Sito come to life. I currently help maintain her website and run her socials for her. Frequently getting in touch with influencers to promote Sito's product.



(unfortunetly I am not offering social media strategy & brand launch packages atm but may in the foreseeable future x)